I should start this by saying that we virtually never do home exteriors. We did do a couple back in 2006, I was doing the interior of two quite beautiful homes one in Montana, one in Minnesota. We had the opportunity to do the exteriors of these homes in Atlantic White Cedar.

The entire exterior, board and batten siding, soffit, fascia, decks, etc… Are crafted from Atlantic White Cedar. This particular cedar was rescued from the Great Dismal Swamp after it had been toppled in a storm. Because this was a roadless area the trees were harvested with a Helicopter. 
The lumber was awesome, Clear, straight, long lengths, beautiful tight grain. Responsibly harvested! 

Atlantic White Cedar will hold stain and paint very well, but its best feature is that left on its own it will turn an attractive shade of silver grey and stay that way! It does not get muddy or require staining every four or five years like Red Cedar!

A little bit of trivia, George Washington was involved in a plan to drain the Dismal Swamp. Thankfully it didn’t work out!

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