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Where Do Our Reclaimed Antique Floors Come From?

Reclaimed Antique floors don’t start their life as flooring, they are usually structural timber from old structures such as a factory, a farm, a bridge or a pier, sometimes even an exotic Chinese Temple!

The wood is re-milled on modern sawmills, kiln-dried & moulded. So you can see where the terms recycled & reclaimed come from. The floors are usually random widths and lengths as were the originals. These wide plank floors are not only beautiful but are very stable and age with grace.


How Long Will Your Floors Last?

3/4” tongue & grooved or straight edge plank can last generations. Many colonial homes that stand today have the original floors. Today’s manufactured floors use their 10, 15, or 20 year life-span as a selling point. Our floors can last 100 years! Now that’s a floor that is worth investing in!


How Can A Floor Last For Generations?

1 – We use the finest material whether antique or new traditional plank. 2 – Install it in the proper manner with the finest craftsmanship.  Your floor will be installed with knowledge of the history, artistry & craftsmanship needed for the floor to last – it will wear beautifully and retain its’ gorgeous patina that can only be achieved over time.



How Important Are The Craftsmen That Will Install Our Floors Or Trim Work To The success Of The Project?

I take pride in working with the type of people who know and love their work. Wide plank floors and trim work need to be installed by experienced craftsmen who know how the floors should look to possess that “special charm” of the originals.



Do Reclaimed Antique Wood Floors Work Over Radiant Heat?

Yes. We have many successful installations. The main reason this works is because of the age and quality of the wood itself. The floorboards have to be sawn from the correct part of the log, dried and cured properly using today’s advanced technology to be able to work with the radiant heat.



What’s The Quality Of Your New Traditional Plank Floors?

Much of the same criteria we use for the reclaimed flooring is applied to our new plank floors. Wide boards, old growth timber, long lengths, stability and beauty for that antique look. Often we’ll use antique cut nails and hand scraped edges and surfaces to further enhance that look of time-worn elegance.



Do You Work At A Distance?

Yes. Depending on our schedule of jobs we can usually accommodate given enough notice.



What Is The Difference Between Reclaimed Antique Floors And The New Traditional Plank Floors You Sell & The Strip Mill Flooring That Is Commonly Available?

As with everything in life, you usually get what you pay for. Antique & Traditional floors are popular now; but that doesn’t mean everyone selling them is properly installing them. Because I truly love these floors & woodwork, this is all I do. I use only the finest milling techniques; they are experienced, supply only the best product, and have a real passion for the wood.



What About Finishes?

We offer various finish options depending on your personal taste. we offer an oil that is a classic finish that penetrates the fibers of the wood & protects finishes against scratches, stains & dirt.  Another finish we use often is the high tech super hard commercial water-based variety. With proper care, both of these finishes need only be recoated never re-sanded.
Now for the question about scratches. Truthfully, all floors and finishes scratch. Part of the beauty of an antique floor or traditional plank floor is they already have natural dents, nail holes, and cracks. Your scratches will only add to the overall look of time-worn beauty.



Can I Afford An Antique Floor?

I feel either reclaimed antique flooring or new wide plank represents a very good value. Because I represent a variety of mills and have built a business relationship of mutual trust and respect, we can truly offer a floor for every budget. When you consider price longevity, plank floors look pretty impressive compared to carpet, linoleum, manufactured flooring all of which can need to be replaced several times in a lifetime. 



You’ve Spoken Most About Floors — What About Your Trim Packages And Period Reproduction Furniture?

Floors are the biggest part of our business and are much like an artists palette in that the rest of the interior of your home can be built off the look of your floor. Trim work that we can provide will harmonize and add to that overall “special look”. You will not achieve this look with what I describe as cookie cutter trim seen in most homes.
If you desire that special piece of period furniture, or even Shaker or Arts & Crafts style; I would be honored to build it for you in a manner befitting the originals. What this means is true hand joining, hand scraped surfaces and hand rubbed finishes. If true land craftsmanship, authentic period design and the finest wood is combined, the end result will be a treasured family keepsake that will last for generations.



Can A ‘Do-It-Yourself-er’ handle the installation?

Yes. Many have done so with success!  We are only a phone call or email away.



Do You Offer Architectural Accents?

Definitely! We offer:

  • Staircase Materials
  • Cabinet Lumber
  • Mouldings & Millwork
  • Floor Vents
  • Beams & Mantles
  • Counters & Table Tops


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